Our Approach

We identify off-market farmland investment opportunities through our extensive network of growers in rural communities. We then spend a considerable amount of time analyzing each opportunity that meets our standards. We believe that farm due diligence is of the utmost importance. It defines the potential of the future operation, so we take this step seriously. We employ a data-driven approach to analyze complex farm operations and various economic scenarios, deriving accurate insights for better decision making.  

Once the right asset is identified, we partner with top farmers and work together to develop a unique strategy for the farming operation to maximize yields and optimize inputs. Invictus team will be working alongside our farm partners to assist them in making the right agronomic and marketing decisions to ensure the operation produces healthy returns.

Additionally, the team will develop the right carbon strategy for the operation to assist our farm partners in their path toward sustainability and low-carbon grain production. This will generate significant premiums in the market which will create value for Invictus farmers and shareholders.