Sustainability Leads to Profitability

At the heart of our company is a deep passion for sustainable agriculture. We see ourselves as knowledge and technical support providers with a strong role to play in guiding our farm partners toward more sustainable practices.

With the broad range of equipment, tools, and technology on any given farm, each operation is unique. We assess each operation and work with our farm partners to develop a sustainable strategy that minimizes environmental impact while driving profitability through reduced costs, optimized inputs, improved efficiency, and increased yields. Our goal is to ensure that the strategy is truly sustainable over the long term.

Tied to the adoption of sustainable practices is the improvement of data management systems on the farm. We strongly believe that farm data is the primary source of performance advantage; therefore, we assist our farm partners with the implementation of in-field technologies and advanced data management systems. Site-specific data supports day-to-day decision making, produces verifiable records to measure the farm’s progress toward sustainable production, and allows to perform accurate analysis of the economic performance of the operation.

We are passionate about a more sustainable future for the current and upcoming generations, and we are constantly looking for new ways to use innovative technologies and our expertise to create more value for all stakeholders. Invictus is committed to helping our shareholders and farm partners to meet their financial goals, while aligning their investments with their values.

We turn our sustainable ambition into strategy and action.

“The best investment on Earth is Earth.”

-Louis Glickman-